My name is Patrick Kieper

I am a passionate graffiti artist. Ever since I was thirteen and could design my first own surfaces, I was fascinated by creatively working with the spray can. Now I am 32, have composed and crafted concepts for over 1000 objects in Berlin, Brandenburg, Mecklenburg, and beyond, and I am still loving the medium. Every location and every project, whether on behalf of private clients or big energy service providers, I find uniquely inspiring and I greatly enjoy to create new motives every time.
The magnificent landscape of Mecklenburg mesmerizes me time and time again. If I am on my way with the intention of discovering new motifs or to realize objects, I get the feeling of being aware of my surroundings with more intensity. Suddenly I see the beauty of nature and human ingenuity with fresh eyes. My graffiti art enables me to really appreciate our living environments and I try to share this high regard with others, through my work.
Now that you now more about me and my qualifications, are you interested in a creative collaboration? Message me! I’m looking forward to your feedback.
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